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Process of Getting a Work Permit in Qatar

A work permit, by definition, is a document that authorises an expat to seek employment from relevant authorities in the...


Hiring an PEGA Developer In India

Initially got a requirement heading a simple word called Pega Developer. Thought the four letter word PEGA professionals...


Payroll requirements and benefits for expats in Bahrain

If your business has employees, payroll will be a part of the deal. There is no way to avoid it. The question is, what a...


Payroll requirements and benefits for expats in Saudi Arabia

Secondment of your skilled resources overseas is one of the best methods to establish a strong global presence. This has...


Mitigating Human Capital Risks and Talent Mobility

Almost everything that can go wrong in a business has a human capital component. Most companies agree with this statemen...


Employment considerations in Oman

Oman is easily one of the fastest-growing economies in the Middle East. The government is diligently undertaking numerou...


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