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Employee Visa Rules: Rules that cannot be bent or broken October 26, 2018

The first thing that one thinks of when overseas deployment is obtaining the visa. In our earlier blog, we had talked about visas and the complications of them all. When you are ready to take your business to the next level, and you look to reach new heights, overseas expansion is the first and one of the most critical steps to take.

Let’s get the basic definitions right first

Passport: A document that registers you as the citizen of a country. You cannot leave your country without it.
Visa: A document that lets you enter another country. The purpose of the visit plays an important role.
Work permit: Grants you the permission to work in a particular country for a specified and limited time.

Visa requirements tend to change along with the political wind. Keep track of the changes irrespective of whether you have a trip planned or not. Or hire a good staffing partner. Either way, ensure that you keep all the requirements at your fingertips so that you are ready when a project is initiated. With competition high and customers demanding, you might not get a second chance.

The good part is that increased global mobility has encouraged governments to come together and work mutually with each other to regulate the exchange of workers cooperatively. Keep in mind that the employee visa rules are not the same across all regions. Many governments insist on ensuring that their citizens get priority for jobs and only a limited number of visas are issued for citizens of other countries. This politics of protectionism might appear to counter the trend of globalization, but it is a win-win situation for both parties.

Applying for the paper at the right time and through the correct channels make all the difference. One misstep can have a lasting negative impact on organizations. It is tough to recover if you are being blacklisted for a slip.

Employee visa rules

1) Dependent on the contract from the company and the job offer
2) Issued for one specific job from one employer only Granted for a particular time limit
3) Issued at the discretion of the ruling government and can be revoked or changed if any law is broken
4) Must be applied for and received before departure from the originating country and not after arrival

The rules will vary for different countries depending on their value system and sense of priority. While some countries open foreigners with open arms, some will be keen on ensuring that the ratio of the employed locals does not take a hit.

Each country has different requirements. For some countries, obtaining a visa is very simple. For example, Ireland also offers a working holiday program. If you are ever thinking of a holiday and don’t mind rolling up your sleeves to work for a bit, do contact us and we can put you up for a little project so that you can earn while on vacation. We will take care of all the legalities for you.

New Zealand, on the other hand, has a skill shortage list. If you have what they lack, obtaining a work permit should be a breeze. They have a working holiday visa as well. The beautiful Costa Rica is generous with permitting you to start a business there provided the local citizens are employed. Your residency should be beneficial to their economy. A fair ask.
In Singapore, if you have an employee pass that permits you to work, you can apply for permanent residency soon.

When it comes to the Middle East, all you need is a work contract and our contact number. The visa processes and requirements can be confusing thanks to the latest changes and the local worker policies. 

Along with the employee visa rules come with the ability to adapt to a particular culture and tradition. By employing a staffing partner who can provide you with a local guide, you can learn more about the intricate details that will help you fit in with the local people. Read our earlier document on the complications that you could face when applying for a visa.

You may have all the technical expertise and the manpower to execute the overseas project, but without the right travel documents, you are pretty much rendered sitting ducks in the equation. Reach out to us, we, at GOHLS, can arm you with the knowledge and the working skills required to soar new heights. 

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