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Visit visa holders must say ‘no’ to job offers – Here’s why

The ambitious and the career-driven always have an eye on UAE - one of the most lucrative and attractive destinations in...


Qatar Expat's rules

The famous quote: When in Rome, do as the Romans do, is a profound and philosophical one. And yet a practical one at tha...


Work permits and Visa for an overseas employee in Oman

The new year brings with it new trends and potential for the business to grow. But one of the patterns that never ceases...


Legal Requirements for payroll in UAE

A rapidly growing economy has made regions such as the UAE to realise the importance of welcoming foreign nationals. Glo...


Work permits and Visa in Saudi Arabia

You have decided to cross borders and relocate in foreign lands. You have applied for a job and have received the offer ...


How to save cost on Bench resources?

Utilizing Bench Talent Pool of key skills is essential. GOHLS will ensure that you can have a bench and at the same time...


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