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Understanding Qatar's marketplace

Expansion of a business is not just about relocating the business or trying the same thing in a new place. International...


Tips for expanding business in Qatar

Location. Location. And Location. Once you have decided the location of the business, keep in mind that you need to adap...


Employee Visa Rules: Rules that cannot be bent or broken

The first thing that one thinks of when overseas deployment is obtaining the visa. In our earlier blog, we had talked ab...


UAE Free zone Vs Non Free Zone

We, at GOHLS, have met many clients who wish to start a business in the UAE. The reasons are incredibly lucrative in nat...


The hidden secret of face to face communication

Communication is the key essential to any relationship. Don’t restrict yourselves to long distance calls because of the ...


Future Success of Tech Companies

Do you know what is common between Fred smith, Steve jobs, Oprahwinfrey, Steven Spielberg ,Henry Ford and Tim Ferris??


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