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RFP is just the beginning. Know your business requirements in the GCC.

The Gulf Cooperation Countries - Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain - are making progress concerning the...


Why Partner with GOHLS for Employee Overseas Deployment?

Globalization is both a boon and a bane. It is probably the best thing that has happened since independence because of t...


Won a contract for Expo2020? Apply for hasslefree employee visa now

October 20th 2020. One of the greatest shows on Earth bringing together over 180 nations, the international audience for...


Got an RFP to quote for in the GCC? here’s all the additional detail you will need.

Mobilising the right resources globally has become the norm of the day for successful execution of projects. The practic...


The journey of Employee Overseas deployment

As a company, our success is defined not just by the number of projects we have managed to win but also how successfully...


The ultimate guide to help you run your business in Oman

Starting a business in the GCC, especially in a country like Oman is one of the most lucrative prospects that one can co...


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