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    5 common work permit errors

    The first step, while planning an overseas journey on official purposes is the work permit. The formality to ensure travel of the employee overseas begins with the application of the work permit. While applying for the permit is the first...

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    SAUDI ARABIA: Recent Changes to Work Visas, Block Visas and Nitaqat

    A Workforce Nationalization is a government initiative that requires the employment of locals in specific industry sectors. The benefits of this move include an increase in the employment rate of the locals and the reduction of the country’s dependence on...

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    Partner with a GEO for secondment overseas

    The past decade and a half have proven that companies that expand into global markets have a better inclination to fare better than those that concentrate on the domestic ones. Most big Indian firms such as TCS, Wipro and Infosys...

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    SINGAPORE: Foreign Worker Quota Rules to be Tightened

    A foreign worker is an employee who works in a country other than the one in which he is a citizen. These expat workers are invited or sent to a foreign country on an assignment that could be short term...

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    7 step guide to get UAE work visa

    Quota system in UAE. Advantages of Internal vs outsourced payroll : Did you know? Entering a country of which you are not a citizen requires a lot of paperwork that needs to be submitted. It must be noted that the purpose...

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    Are we empowered to ensure compliance for different engagement models?

    Compliance with labour laws is not a one-time act but a behaviour over time. Businesses and corporate management require obeying legal statutes and regulations with respect to constitutional laws. This covers various concepts such as how the company is managed,...

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    One Recent trend in Global Mobility to decide the future of your company

    The Mobility of resources is not merely a sign of pride but a necessity for every forward-thinking business that aims to expand its horizons across borders. It is no longer an option because global expansion has become critical to the...

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    How short term staffing helps business continuity

    Workforce planning is a continuous process. Irrespective of whether you have a project in hand or not, workforce planning must be engaged. This strategy is utilized by businesses to anticipate the labour needs and ensure deployment of the workers in...

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    Top five benefits of hiring an external PEO

    If you have ever wondered what the benefits of a PEO are, this is what you need to read. You will realise that hiring an external recruiter can make a world of difference to your business. Simply put, the talent...

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