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    Visit visa holders must say ‘no’ to job offers – Here’s why

    The ambitious and the career-driven always have an eye on UAE - one of the most lucrative and attractive destinations in the world when it comes to obtaining a job offer. The benefits are almost incomparable. This region provides some of...

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    US visa delays reach ‘crisis level’

    The average wait time for a US visa has doubled since 2014 and is up 46% over 2016, Quartz reports, citing calculations by the American Immigration Lawyers Association. This has led to “crisis-level delays” in the issuance of green cards, and visas...

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    Qatar Expat’s rules

    The famous quote: When in Rome, do as the Romans do, is a profound and philosophical one. And yet a practical one at that. Qatar is one such location that needs to be given special attention to before relocating there. Expats may...

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    Work permits and Visa for an overseas employee in Oman

    The new year brings with it new trends and potential for the business to grow. But one of the patterns that never ceases to exist is expansion across borders. While reflecting on the opportunities in front of us, let’s take a...

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    Legal Requirements for payroll in UAE

    A rapidly growing economy has made regions such as the UAE to realise the importance of welcoming foreign nationals. Global companies have also been exploring various opportunities here by pursuing projects and establishing franchises. Destination Middle East is the call...

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    Work permits and Visa in Saudi Arabia

    You have decided to cross borders and relocate in foreign lands. You have applied for a job and have received the offer letter. You must commence preparations to move lock, stock and barrel. You must be aware of all the...

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    How to save cost on Bench resources?

    Utilizing Bench Talent Pool of key skills is essential. GOHLS will ensure that you can have a bench and at the same time avoid cost to maintain them through a short term loaning. That means that you can keep your...

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    Guide to International PEO Services

    Growth-minded businesses look at the rest of the world as their oyster. Seeing international expansion by establishing the business in new geographical territories across borders is a time-tested way of being successful. The opportunities are plenty. The demand is high. Supply...

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    Importance of the Employee Visa in Kuwait

    Relocating to any destination is hard. Kuwait is no exception. There are pros and cons to every city. In Kuwait, the advantages are many. Good malls. Great good. Lovely beaches. And a job that hands you a good paycheck. Luxurious...

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