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Payroll requirements and benefits for expats in Saudi Arabia

Secondment of your skilled resources overseas is one of the best methods to establish a strong global presence. This has...


Guide to International PEO Services

Growth-minded businesses look at the rest of the world as their oyster. Seeing international expansion by establishing t...


Tips to choose the right Global expansion partners

Global Expansion, while seems like a very self-explanatory step, should not be taken lightly. Many variables that need t...


Employee Visa Rules: Rules that cannot be bent or broken

The first thing that one thinks of when overseas deployment is obtaining the visa. In our earlier blog, we had talked ab...


Future Success of Tech Companies

Do you know what is common between Fred smith, Steve jobs, Oprahwinfrey, Steven Spielberg ,Henry Ford and Tim Ferris??


Why Partner with GOHLS for Employee Overseas Deployment?

Globalization is both a boon and a bane. It is probably the best thing that has happened since independence because of t...


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